The end…

I can’t put into words the emotions that I’m feeling today. I want to begin by saying thank you. Your generosity over these past years is indescribable. From volunteering in the classroom to supporting your child at home with school work and supporting me as a teacherI just couldn’t ask for a better group of parents. The amazing gifts that came through the doors today are so appreciated. I am extremely grateful for the thought and effort that went into making it happen. You truly are amazing!

As I hugged each of these kiddos today I was flooded with memories that these years have held. From the death of a parent, to families separating, the birth of siblings, holidays, snow storms, hundreds of books read, smiles, laughter, tears and lots of dancing I couldn’t help but thinking that they are like a family and I just hated to let them go. If I could bottle this up and save it I would. And as hard as it is I can confidently say…they are ready. They are not just ready to fly they are ready to soar! These kids are going to go places and do great things. The world is a better place because of them.

So thank you doesn’t even begin to touch how grateful I am. I hope you know that each and everyday I tried by best to create an environment where they felt comfortable and important. Their spirits and energy are a gift that I will always treasure.

With a heavy I heart I say…when you are ready you need to unsubscribe from this blog as a new group of kindergarten families will be joining in the fall.

Thank you first grade families. Enjoy your summer. I hope it is filled with sunshine, dirty toes, fire flies and picnics. And don’t blink…it’s over before you know it!

Love always,



One thought on “The end…

  1. Thank you, thank you, thank you…now I need to go grab a Kleenex after your message.

    Happy and amazing summer to you and your sweet family!

    The Browns

    Crystal Frakes Brown
    Author of If I Can’t Be At Your Feet: A Look at Life with Four Legs and a Tail
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    Happy Reading!

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